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Don't Miss a Beat: Interpreting New Heart Failure Guidelines

May 04, 2022

In this episode of Don't Miss a Beat, hosts Drs. Greene and Vaduganathan break down the new ACC/AHA/HFSA heart failure guidelines debuted at ACC.22 and compare the recommendations against those made in the European Society of Cardiology's 2021 heart failure guidelines.

Don't Miss a Beat: ACC.22 Preview

March 30, 2022

Headed to ACC.22 this weekend or following along virtually? Hear from Don't Miss a Beat co-hosts Drs. Vaduganathan and Greene on their top picks from the late-breaking sessions at the upcoming American College of Cardiology meeting.

Don't Miss a Beat: Eugene Braunwald, MD, and the TIMI Study Group

March 10, 2022

In the most recent episode of Don't Miss a Beat, co-hosts Drs. Vaduganathan and Greene are joined by Dr. Eugene Braunwald for a conversation that touches on the founding of the TIMI Study Group, the evolution of clinical trials, and advice he would give to early career professionals with an interest in becoming trialists.

Don't Miss a Beat, with Muthiah Vaduganathan, MD, and Stephen Greene, MD

January 31, 2022

Don't Miss a Beat is Practical Cardiology's expert-led podcast. The monthly podcast, which is hosted by Drs. Greene and Vaduganathan, will provide a regular news roundup of the latest evidence and clinical trial insights across cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic diseases.