Patrick Campbell


CLARIFY: Diabetes Poses Major Risk in Patients with Coronary Syndromes

April 13, 2021

An analysis of the CLARIFY registry is providing clinicians with further insight into the impact of diabetes in patients with chronic coronary syndromes, particularly the increased risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, and cardiovascular death.

Preterm Birth Associated with Increased Heart Failure Risk Throughout Adulthood

April 09, 2021

An analysis of nearly 4.2 million patients from a birth registry indicates being born preterm was linked to a significantly higher risk of developing heart failure during childhood and a 42% greater risk of heart failure in adulthood.

LITE Trial: Low-Intensity Walking Provides Little to No Benefit for PAD Patients

April 08, 2021

Results of a 305-patient trial indicate ischemic leg pain could serve as a threshold for whether or not a patient with peripheral artery disease will see a meaningful improvement in walking score from their walking routine.