Author | Patrick Campbell


Kazem Rahimi, MD: Home Monitoring for Cardiology Patients

September 28, 2020

Kazem Rahimi, MD, discusses the prospect of home monitoring for heart failure patients and how technology needs to improve before it is a viable option for most patients.

"Stroke Clock" Could Help Streamline Care of Acute Stroke Patients

September 25, 2020

Could an alarm clock in the room where stroke care is performed contribute to more streamlined care?

Recurrent Events Declining, But Remain a Serious Risk for Heart Attack Survivors

September 24, 2020

While rates of recurrent events have declined, the rates of decline have not been equal between sexes and risk of recurrent events still pose a serious risk to heart attack survivors.

Resuming Sexual Activity Post-Heart Attack Could Increase Survival

September 23, 2020

New data suggest resuming or increasing sexual activity shortly after myocardial infarction could reduce risk of mortality.