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Mark L. Fuerst

Staff Correspondent


CardioScience Update, 4 New Studies

March 31, 2016

Highlights of four recent studies in hypertension, heart failure, preeclampsia expose vulnerable populations.

Testosterone Replacement OKd for Men with Heart Disease

November 09, 2015

Men with documented testosterone deficiency should be allowed to take testosterone replacement therapy if they have cardiovascular disease (CVD) or localized prostate cancer, according to new guidelines issued by the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation.

Testosterone Tx Gives Weak Signal for Cardiovascular Risk

October 12, 2015

There is no compelling evidence that testosterone therapy increases or decreases cardiovascular risk, according to a new position statement from the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE).The statement was issued in response to recent publications that have raised concern that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) increases cardiovascular risks in men and media reports about the dangers of testosterone therapy.

Cardiology Update 6 New Things From ACP

May 03, 2015

At the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 in Boston, Peter Zimetbaum, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, presented an “Update In Cardiology.” Here are the highlights of his presentation and the implications for clinical practice.