Antithrombotic Therapy


Analysis Details Use of Antiplatelet Therapy After Peripheral Vascular Interventions

August 21, 2020

An analysis of data from a Society of Vascular Surgeons registry is shedding light on the use of DAPT in patients following peripheral vascular interventions.

DOACs More Effective than Low Molecular Weight Heparin for Recurrent VTE in Cancer Patients

August 13, 2020

A meta-analysis of 4 randomized trials is shedding light on the efficacy and safety of direct oral anticoagulant use for reducing recurrent VTE in patients with cancer.

Meta-Analysis Compares Effects of DAPT Durations After PCI with DES

August 03, 2020

A new network meta-analysis offers an overview of the clinical benefit of less than 6 months, 6-month, 12-month, and extended periods of DAPT therapy after PCI with drug-eluting stents.

Clay Johnston, MD, PhD: Ticagrelor DAPT and THALES Results

July 27, 2020

S. Claiborne Johnston discusses the results of the phase 3 THALES trial examining use of ticagrelor dual antiplatelet therapy for reducing subsequent stroke in patients with AIS or TIA.

Low-Dose Prasugrel Results in Similar Efficacy, Reduced Bleeding vs Ticagrelor

July 21, 2020

A prespecified analysis of ISAR-REACT 5 is shedding light on the effectiveness and safety of age- and weight-adjusted prasugrel versus ticagrelor following ACS.

THALES Data Details Impact of Ticagrelor DAPT in Reducing Stroke, Death

July 19, 2020

Results of the phase 3 THALES trial detail the effect of ticagrelor DAPT for reducing the risk of stroke and death in patients with acute ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack.

Heparin Use Could Reduce SARS-CoV-2 Ability to Bind to Human Cells

July 17, 2020

New data suggests heparin could mitigate SARS-CoV-2 ability to bind to human cells.

Study Finds Ticagrelor Not Superior to Clopidogrel in ACS Patients Undergoing PCI

July 15, 2020

An observational study in Sweden is challenging current guidelines in regard to preference of ticagrelor over clopidogrel for patients with ACS undergoing PCI.

Case Report: 62-year-old man with shortness of breath after taking antibiotic

January 15, 2020

A 62-year-old male with history of coronary artery disease and prior coronary bypass surgery eight years ago presents to the emergency department after having two days of intermittent shortness of breath since starting cephalexin (Keflex) for a skin infection three days ago. He states the shortness of breath seems to get worse about an hour after taking cephalexin (Keflex). Can you diagnose this patient?

Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Therapy Varies Greatly After TAVR

December 09, 2019

A review published in JAMA Cardiology reports that while patients with severe aortic stenosis are increasingly undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures in place of surgery, there is little evidence on how best to utilize adjunctive antithrombotic therapy after the treatment.