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Cardiology Month in Review: November 2021

Top Stories of November

  1. REDUCE-IT PAD: Icosapent Ethyl Provides Consistent Benefit in PAD Patients
    Deepak Bhatt, MD, MPH, provides perspective on the results of the REDUCE-IT PAD analysis he presented at the American Heart Association 2021 Scientific Sessions.
  2. RAPID CABG: Ticagrelor Can Be Discontinued 2-3 Days Prior to CABG without Increasing Bleeding Risk
    Results from the 6-month analysis of the RAPID CABG trial indicate stopping ticagrelor use 2-3 days prior to CABG was not associated with an increased risk in bleeding compared to discontinuing use 5-7 days prior to surgery.
  3. Chlorthalidone Could Reduce Hypertension in Patients with Severe CKD, Uncontrolled Hypertension
    Data from the CLICK trial presented at ASN Kidney Week 2021 suggests the use of chlorthalidone could reduce blood pressure by 11 mmHg among patients with stage 4 chronic kidney disease and poorly controlled hypertension.
  4. Low-Dose Aspirin Not Linked to Increased Dementia Risk in Patients with Diabetes
    The ASCEND trial indicates low-dose aspirin use was associated with a nonsignificant reduction in risk of dementia among patients with diabetes and no history of cardiovascular disease.
  5. Deepak Bhatt, MD, MPH: Sotagliflozin Provides Consistent Benefit Across Spectrum of Kidney Function
    Deepak Bhatt, MD, MPH, discusses the results of a pooled analysis of the SOLOIST and SCORED trials assessing effects of sotagliflozin based on baseline eGFR among patients included in the trials.
  6. CRAVE Trial Takes Deep Dive Into the Effects of Caffeine on Overall, Heart Health
    Data from the CRAVE trial, which was presented at AHA 2021, suggests consumption of coffee could impact heart rhythm, daily sleep, and physical activity.