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5 Top Cardiology Apps II

Get a top-line look at 5 mobile applications specifically for cardiologists that offer learning, teaching, and patient communication at unique levels of detail.

The following heart disease apps were chosen based on their potential value, simplicity/ease of use, and topical content. The app on ECG interpretation is designed to help enhance skills in reading ECGs and in recognizing specific abnormalities. A heart failure app allows active surveillance of and communication with patients recovering from HF events. Two apps are excellent teaching tools for physician and patient alike and another offers access to all things ACS in a hand-held device. Also included is an educational app that “gameifies” surgery, because specialists and trainees in cardiovascular medicine need some downtime, too.

The apps are the author’s choice.  




ECG-Cases, Exams, Quizzes and Tutorials for Continuing Medical Education provides a wide variety of 12-lead ECG cases that can be searched by keywords, shared with colleagues.  

Logo image courtesy of Yu Yang.





HF Defender allows physicians to follow and communicate with patients who have recently suffered heart failure.

Logo image courtesy of Prevail Holdings, Inc.




Heart Pro III provides highly-detailed 3D images that can be manipulated in several planes for professional learning and patient education.

Logo image courtesy of 3D4 Medical.






ACS Trials provides hand-held access to the nearly 100 pivotal trials that are the foundation of current practice and inlcudes more than 30 risk assessment calculators specific to cardiology.

Logo image courtesy of Michael Nassif.




Touch Surgery, Surgical Simulator is a deeply layered educational tool for surgeons in numerous specialties and uses gameification to challenge the competitor in long-time practitioners and surgery residents alike.

Logo image courtesy of KINOSIS.