Themes of Cardiology in 2021 and 2022, with Merle Myerson, MD, EdD

Merle Myerson, MD, EdD, discusses her perspective on the themes of cardiology in 2021 and offers a prediction of what she believes could end up being the theme of 2022.

Few medical specialties have been able to witness the wealth of advances cardiology has experienced in recent years. With ground-breaking trials and clinical advances on a nearly yearly basis, almost every corner of the field has seen advancements in the past 2 decades.

In the last decade, lipidologists have been the benefactors of significant advancements in pharmacologic therapy that include the introduction of PCSK9 inhibitors, icosapent ethyl, and, most recently, the first siRNA in inclisiran. In a recent Practical Cardiology House Call, our editorial team sat down with Merle Myerson, MD, EdD, cardiologist and director of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Services and Lipid Clinic at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, to explore her perspective on the themes of 2021 and her predictions on the theme of cardiology in 2022.