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Guy Mintz, MD: National Cholesterol Education Month 2020

Chief member of Practical Cardiology's editorial advisory board discusses his approach to cholesterol education and the current state of cholesterol management in 2020.

This video features an interview examining cholesterol management with Guy Mintz, MD, director of cardiovascular health and lipidology at Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital, North Shore University Hospital and board member of the National Lipid Association. With the backdrop of National Cholesterol Education Month, the following interview is centered around the challenges of cholesterol education and the current state of lipid management.

While statins have been a mainstay for decades, new agents have recently received approval and our beginning to cement their roles in treatment algorithms. Still, even with this progress, cholesterol management remains a challenge and, for many patients, the issue can be traced back to misunderstanding the role cholesterol plays in cardiovascular risk. For more on the subject, we reached out to Mintz for his perspective.