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Cardiometabolic Health: Future of Care or Detracting from Endocrinology?

In this 3-part feature series, an endocrinologist, a cardiologist, and an internist tackle the topic of who should be in charge of treating patients with diabetes and whether the creation of a cardiometabolic specialty is a worthwhile endeavor.

This series is being hosted by Practical Cardiology's sister publication, EndocrinologyNetwork.com.

The idea of a cardiometabolic health specialty is a notion most likely born out of the best intentions but has since become a topic of controversy. In the year 2000, the thought of somebody besides an endocrinologist taking lead in the treatment of diabetes might have been a laughable notion, but now it is a serious discussion with input from a slew of parties.

As it stands, endocrinologists are in short supply, they treat dozens of conditions, and the number of patients with diabetes is growing. Just based on this alone, some would suggest an intervention, such as the creation of a new subspecialty, is already overdue. However, many endocrinologists would argue they are still the best equipped to treat these patients and arguing for the creation of a cardiometabolic subspecialty only detracts from endocrinology as a field.

In this 3-part feature series, we attempt to tackle to topic from the perspective of the 3 specialists most often to be included in the conversation: an endocrinologist, a cardiologist, and an internal medicine practitioner. With their own unique viewpoints, each approaches the discussion from the outlook of specialists in their field and whether the creation of a cardiometabolic subspecialty would help in the management of these patients.

Cardiometabolic Health Fellowships: The Answer or Part of the Problem?

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