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Cardiology Case Report: Wonder Woman

This case report from Dr. Brady Pregerson features a woman in her 50s presenting with generalized weakness but denies syncope, palpitations, chest pain, or SOB. Can you determine the correct diagnosis?

History: A woman in her early 50’s presents to the emergency department for generalized weakness “for a while”. She is a poor historian but denies syncope, palpitations, chest pain or SOB. She is quite odd and makes you wonder.

Exam: Vital signs are normal except for a pulse of 102 and a BP of 91/55. Her mucous membranes look a bit dry but the rest of her exam is non-focal.

An EKG is done:

What is the most likely cause of the EKG findings?

1-Minute Consult (from the Emergency Medicine 1-Minute Consult Pocketbook) on the topic for this case:

Source: The Emergency Medicine 1-Minute Consult Pocketbook