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Perspectives in mCRPC: Therapies and Technologies guiding treatment decisions

How do you navigate the ever-changing treatment management landscape in metastatic Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) care? In this video series, leading physicians share their perspectives on mCPRC patient management with a focus on AR-targeted therapy and the utility of biomarkers, such as AR-V7, in helping guide treatment decisions.

Listen to peers talk about their patient management process and what they look for when deciding on the best treatment option for these patients. Learn how cutting-edge technology is providing better and faster insights into a patient’s cancer biology for personalized treatment guidance.



Resources from Exact Sciences
  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding
    AR-V7 testing



    Learn more about the AR-V7 biomarker and how AR-V7 testing can guide treatment decisions in mCRPC.
  • Real world patient case study utilizing AR-V7 testing



    Find out how AR-V7 testing helped determine the next course of action on a M0 CRPC patient who failed an AR-targeted therapy.
  • Optimizing Treatment Decisions in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer



    Leading physicians discuss different aspects of mCRPC patient management and how AR-V7 testing helps aid decision making
  • Real world case study utilizing AR-V7 testing



    Learn why a physician decided to perform AR-V7 testing on his mCRPC patient who failed an AR-targeted therapy and was placed on chemotherapy.



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