Author | Veronica Hackenthal, MD


Heart Pump may Expand Treatment Options for Elderly with Heart Failure

April 09, 2019

Heart pumps may work just as well as heart transplants for older heart failure patients and complex cases, finds a study presented at the ISHLT annual meeting.

ctDNA Could Detect Post-Transplant Cancer Early

April 09, 2019

More evidence for the biomarker ctDNA to test for the presence of a rare, but deadly cancer in organ transplant patients was presented at ISHLT annual meeting this month.

Guideline-Recommended CAD Care Better with Medicare Advantage than Fee For Service

March 06, 2019

Patients with Medicare Advantage are more likely to receive guideline-recommended care for coronary artery disease than patients with Medicare Fee for Service. But whether that translates into better outcomes remains unclear, a study shows.

Research Supports Statins in the Elderly

February 19, 2019

Statins decrease major vascular events like stroke and heart attack regardless of age. While the evidence is less robust for people over age 75, evidence suggest this age group may also benefit, a new study shows.