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Paul D. Thompson, MD


They Forgot the Beer? With Paul D. Thompson, MD

December 03, 2021

Dr. Paul Thompson offers perspective on the recent "Pollution and the Heart" article published in NEJM and provides insight into the potential for metal pollution from beer on influencing risk of cardiovascular disease.

Paul Thompson, MD: Why Cardiologists Need to Be Diabetologists

September 04, 2021

Editorial advisory board member Dr. Paul Thompson reflects on how advances in diabetes management have impacted cardiovascular medicine and why staying abreast of these advances is essential to being a cardiologist in 2021.

Teaching Teaches the Teacher, Where Academia and Clinical Medicine Meet

July 29, 2021

Dr. Paul Thompson reflects on his experiences as a practicing cardiologist, including having the ability to impact early-career clinicians and what he gains when presented with the opportunity to teach other providers.

More Than A Heart and Lungs in The Chest, with Paul Thompson, MD

July 22, 2021

In his most recent column, Dr. Paul Thompson offers perspective on why he feels clinicians should consider performing a chest x-ray in patients with dyspnea or frequent palpitations, but no history of lung disease and a normal cardiac work-up.